It's not the way you lead me by the hand into the bedroom
It's not the way you throw your clothes upon the bathroom floor
Fling my arms around you as we fall in ecstasy
Sometimes � Erasure

Saturday is my birthday and Tammy has planned a little dinner for me and our friends. Mike doesn�t like to plan things so he left it in Tammy�s capable hands to get the job done. We�re going to Cinzetti�s which is an Italian buffet here in Denver. It sounds like a great time will be had by all.

Someone signed my guestbook and I thought I might as well write something in here and try and keep people up to date on my current events. I haven�t written in so long no one knows what the hell is going on. I flew Mom out here in July and she had a blast! She got to meet Mike�s sister and brother but his parent�s didn�t make it out so she didn�t get to meet them. She loved Elsa and Don of course and I never heard George talk so much since we met. Elsa made a great Mexican spread of green enchiladas with fresh salsa and home made rice and beans. It was all good, that it until Mom fell in the kitchen. She didn�t pick up her feet and went down like a sack of potatoes. She wasn�t hurt. Well her pride was a little bruised is all.
After that I planned a party for Mike�s birthday at his friend Chana�s house and he got really drunk. I think a good time was had by all that night. Leen didn�t go because she�s a 50 year old child and Chana pissed her off about something. So in true Mark fashion I bitched her up one side and down the other and needless to say we don�t talk to her anymore. Now Chana wants us all to be friends and she tried to play the Mark card and tell Mike that he�s not the same as he was before he met me. No. He�s not the same person he was before we met. He thinks for himself and isn�t afraid to go out and do whatever he wants to do because I don�t get mad and try to hold him back. She tried to tell him that she liked Frank better because he felt comfortable in her house and I acted like I had something to hide and I didn�t like her. HELLO! That�s why I planned Mike�s party at her house. She�s such a BITCH and to be honest I don�t really give a shit if I ever see that fucking cunt, that�s right people she gets the �C� word, again for as long as I live because I will tell her off the first chance I get. He pretty much put her in her place and we haven�t spoken to her in a while either. I like his other friends that aren�t childish bitches trying to start something. We went out for sushi with his friends Christina and her husband Don last Sat and had a blast.

Things are going well and next month will be our first year anniversary. We went to a wedding this Sat and I couldn�t be more in love with him if I wanted to. I can�t believe what a difference there is in me these days from when I used to write in my diary. It�s like I have nothing negative to write so I just don�t write anything. We�ve talked about moving in together but I know that we�re not ready yet. He�s never lived on his own before now and it�s only been a year. I lived with Tammy for 5 years and so I think I�m a little more ready than he is but I have my fears as well. I don�t doubt that he�s the one and I don�t think there will be any problems. I think I�ve just been used to my own space for so long that it will take some adjustment, which I am all to happy to make.

It�s cold and I need to bundle up and watch some TV before bed so I�m off until the next 6 months!

That�s the long and short of it!

Quagmire Jan 1999 � Aug 2003

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